Pros And Cons Of Having A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are the new hype these days. Imagine how romantic it will be to say the magic words in an exotic resort surrounded by natural flowers and plants or a beautiful beach with blue water and clear sky with some decoration from party rentals. These memories will be worthwhile.

But hey! Snap out of your dream! There are some pros and cons of a destination wedding which you need to consider before planning.


Invite only your near and dear ones

This is the best opportunity to invite only your close friends and family. Previously if you were considering whether to invite your distant relatives or second cousins or a very nosy uncle or a pessimist in-law or someone who’s a showoff; well now you can easily omit them. You can keep an intimate affair with just your close ones who you know would be happy to see you get married and are your well-wishers. Better yet, invite no one but just your respective immediate families and have a small family wedding.

You do not need to worry about a thing and get a complete wedding package

There are many travel agencies who have packages for complete wedding packages where they are in charge of the reservation, you and your guests stay, wedding planner, decor, backdrop, food, makeup, music and whatever is there on your list. So, you need to just sit and relax and enjoy your moments. Many resorts also offer destination wedding complete packages where they do every single thing from A to Z. They even plan out beach activities or other activities such as sightseeing and other adventures for you and your guests.

Pay less with more benefits

Yes, it’s actually true. Imagine the wedding at your home where you have to invite 200 or maybe 300 guests and get it to stay at home. In a destination wedding there will be just 50 guests maximum with all the activities, adventures and a new place. Many airlines, travel agents and resorts offer discount packages for destination weddings.

Double it as a honeymoon

Yes, once you have finally escaped your home and daunting family members and said your ” I Dos’ ” in a dream location, you can also enjoy your honeymoon by exploring for 5 to 6 days.

Beautiful pictures

Imagine the pictures of your wedding in bridal dress with natural backdrops and scenic beauty. Utterly beautiful.


It can get a bit complicatedwed

You will be going to another country where there might be language barriers, there may be different laws and whether you can get a marriage license or not. After all you would want a legal marriage, right? Research about everything before planning where you want to get married. Arrangements should be made prior to your visit so there is no mishap. Appointing a local wedding planner is a good idea to get to know about the norms and customs of the country.

Some of your loved ones may not be able to attend

Some people whom you really want for your wedding might not be able to make it due to the cost of the travel and accommodation or due to age factor, or due to other commitments. If you really want them to come then you could sponsor their travel costs or choose a place where they can easily travel to or give an invitation 8 to 9 months before the event so they can plan and save.

Honeymoon or family vacation

Yes, you read that right. Obviously, you would want a few days just with one another and when you have your immediate families then it may get a bit difficult as your mothers would try to be protective while the dads would pass crazy jokes and your siblings would just annoy you.

Set a line before the wedding and be clear that you would want no disturbance and no interference. How about an elopement wedding with just the two of you?

Have a blind wedding

You will be reaching the destination a day or two before so you will have no idea what your venue is like, what the decor will be, the food, everything can only be imagined, so it can get a little nerve racking.

Chat with the wedding organizer so you know what to expect.

Destination weddings can be magical or it can be disastrous depending on the location, agents, and wedding tent rentals Rockland NY you choose. All in all, it will be a wonderful escape and the best of memories.

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