A DIY tree pruning guide

Pruning a tree is quite intimidating for gardeners who are new. This is especially true when you are pruning a tree for the very first time. However, worry not. This is something that every new home-owner feels in the start. In the very beginning, you can certainly prune a tree. However, when it comes to actually cutting trees down, you will have to rely on tree cutting services.

How to get started?

Before you start out, it is very important to do a quick research about the different tools that you will need. In this regard, make sure that the tree that you are pruning does not require any specific techniques. This is because some types of trees can only be pruned after they have flowered (in the case of some flowering trees). At the same time, there are certain times of trees that do not have to be pruned at all.

Though, make sure that you are not pruning trees near property or power-lines. Otherwise, they could be a very big hazard. In this case, it is best to leave it all up to the experts.

Why should you prune trees?

There are a wide number of reasons why you should prune trees. First of all, make sure that maintenance of trees is a regular habit of yours. This will prevent them from growing out, and will make it easier for you to prune them.

Usually, people start pruning trees when a storm or lightning strike damages the tree branches. This is because these branches then pose a big hazard. Other reasons include an increased production of fruit and flowers. This triggers a bigger and faster growth. After all, the airflow prevents the build-up of diseases and infestations such as termites. All in all, the tree ends up looking in shape.

When should you prune the trees?

According to most experts, the best time to prune trees is during the dormant stage. This means that the winter season is the best time. This reduces the risk of infestations of termites and other pests. At the same time, it will also promote vigorous growth until the next flowering or fruit season.

In harsher climates, experts suggest waiting until the winter season has gone. So, late winter and early spring is the best time in this case. However, in mild climates, you can prune trees whenever you want to for as long as the tree is dormant.

What are the tools that you need to prune trees?

As far as trimming trees goes, you need to have a certain set of tools. However, make sure that when you are trimming a tree, it is clean. This is because dull and dirty tools can further damage the trees and can result in the spread of diseases/infestations. In this regard, you need a tree trimmer, hand pruners, and safety glasses. Stiff work boots, and a strong helmet as personal protective equipment is also widely recommended.

Ending note

It is not difficult to prune trees. However, you do certainly need a set of equipment to use. If you do not use the right equipment and personal protective gear, then it can be very dangerous. Though, we always suggest you to rely on tree removal services Montgomery County rather than carrying the task out on your own. This is because dealing with trees is a complex task that could involve a number of complications. Hence, it is something that is best done by the experts in this area. In fact, we would say that it is a type of art form that requires a lot of training and practice!

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