What Are All-Terrain Cranes

You might have come across different types of cranes when looking for crane for rent. While some cranes are designed to lift heavy loads, others are hired to get things done during the day and leave. Furthermore, not every crane is designed to travel and reach locations that feature different types of terrains. This is where all-terrain cranes come in. These are multi-functional cranes that carry plenty of features and disadvantages. So let’s discuss them in detail and understand how they help with weight-related tasks.

Introduction To All-Terrain Cranes

As mentioned previously, all-terrain cranes are multi-functional cranes featuring a luxury combination of hydraulic cranes, mobile truck, and rough terrain capabilities. As the name suggests, these can run on all types of terrains at normal speeds. Typically, all-terrain cranes have a hydraulic boom that is the means of lifting loads. While some all-terrain cranes come with an extended boom with telescopic sections, others are equipped with a jib. Thanks to its cable lines, an all-terrain crane is able to carry and lift very heavy loads.

Furthermore, each all-terrain vehicle has around nine axles with supporting outriggers to provide maximum stability while lifting heavy loads. The average weight lifting capacity ranges from 30 to more than 1000 tons with a maximum height of 150 meters. This makes these machines an ideal choice for installing gas and oil pipelines, lifting precast buildings, and other similar construction applications. In addition to that, it drives the same as a typical truck but features multiple wheel steering capabilities, which helps the operator drive and move it with ease.

Modern all-terrain cranes come with hydraulic systems. They exert force or lift heavy weights using the force that is produced by a hydraulic fluid present inside hydraulic pumps. To produce the maximum amount of weight lifting capability, all-terrain cranes come with two or three gears that press the hydraulic fluid. While the main pump controls the boom while generating the most amount of pressure, the pilot pressure counter-weight pump on the other hand helps counterweights of the all-terrain crane.

Major Benefits Of All-Terrain Cranes


The most noteworthy benefit of all-terrain cranes is that they feature an all-wheel-driving steering suspension system with the ability to move through sand, gravel, and asphalt terrains. This allows them to work on numerous construction sites at the same time. Furthermore, they tend to be a great option for jobs that have no road access and this gives them the edge to make their way through locations that are otherwise not reachable.

Lifting Capacity

Each all-terrain crane differs when it comes to lifting weights at a certain height. Usually, all-terrain cranes can lift anything between 40 and 400 tons. When hiring a crane, you will need to provide the exact weight numbers to the crane rental company so that they can suggest the perfect fit.


All-terrain cranes can reach speeds of 55 mph independently. This allows them to move fast and reach their destinations on time. Once the crane has reached the site, you can move and shift them around without any hassle.


Believe it or not, all-terrain cranes are compact as compared to the other types of cranes. The design is such that it helps with the mobility and maneuverability of the crane allowing it to safely enter and exit the location. While other heavy machines are difficult to move around once at the location, all-terrain cranes can easily change their location.


Since all-terrain cranes are expected to work at different construction sites under all types of conditions, they need to be durable. Furthermore, they should be strong enough to withstand all types of weather conditions and navigate through terrains that might become impossible to cover during tough weather conditions. Therefore, even if the weather happens to turn for the worst, these machines hold their ground and continue working.

Final Word

Overall, all-terrain cranes are tough and durable machines built to stand the test of time. Their ability to cover all types of terrains makes them one of the most popular choices for construction and lifting jobs. Therefore, if you are looking for a machine that is easy to move around, operate, and can lift heavy weights without any hassle, look for nothing else other than an all-terrain crane. Check with some crane rental services VA to see if they provide all-terrain cranes.

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