How To Maintain Your Balayage Hair Highlights

Getting a balayage done is easy but taking care of it cannot be a walk in the park. It takes a lot of persistence to maintain your balayage hair highlights without using balayage services. Here’s a couple of things you must be careful of.

Use a purple shampoo or toner to avoid brassiness or anything like that

After you get your balayage done, you have to take care of a number of things to make sure your hair’s dye stays as long as possible. One of those few things is using a toner or purple shampoo on a frequent basis. It can help you sustain your balayage for a relatively long time.

Once you get your hair dyed – be it balayage or ombre or sombre or any dye else – your hair is at the verge of getting brassy. You can save your hair from catching any amount of brassiness by using a toner absolutely apt for your hair type.

Quit overwashing your hair; the dye might fade sooner than expected

Some people have an extremely toxic habit of washing their hair over and over again. If you are one of those people, please stop being so. It is not good for your balayage-d hair to be washed every day or a couple of times a week. Do not shampoo your dyed hair more than twice.

If you shampoo your dyed hair too often, your hair might just lose its color quicker than expected. There are shampoos with a tendency to suck the dye out of your hair, that’s the reason, some people’s dyed hair start looking a little faded well before 3-6 months.

Always rely on sulfate-free hair products

Sulfate works as a cancer for most dyed hair. It has the potential to deteriorate your dye and make it look pale and dim. You need to keep your dyed hair from sulfate-products at any cost. Try to buy a sulfate-free shampoo, make sure the shampoo you’re already using isn’t a sulfate-containing one. Still and all, you need to avoid shampooing your hair every day because it can prove to be extremely detrimental for you.

Deep-condition your hair once a week for best maintenance

Your dyed-hair needs a lot of after-care to stay resolute and intact. You have to include a lot of things in your routine life to get things going. One of those important things is deep-conditioning your hair every so often in order to further embellish your dyed hair.

Make sure you use a suitable conditioner on your hair every two weeks and before buying a random hair conditioner, you should consult your stylist or your dermatologist if you have a history. Deep-conditioning your balayage highlights can make things easy for you.

Don’t forget a heat-protectant if you’re styling your hair with lots of heat

There are various hair styling techniques that have heat as a compulsory element and if you want to go through any such process, you have no option to duck heat. In such a case, you have one easy thing to bank on such as a heat protectant. A heat protectant can save the day for you!

Right before the process begins, make sure you’re wearing the heat protectant on your dyed hair. Heat is definitely harmful for your colored hair, and therefore, you need to try your best to avoid any such styling ideas, and if you simply can’t, just go on with a heat-protectant and eradicate all chances of getting your dyed hair ruined.

Steer clear of chlorine or salt water

Salty water or chlorine-containing water is extremely dangerous for your colored hair, it can do a gigantic damage to your hair without you even knowing it. Try your best to keep salt-water or chlorine-centric water at an arm’s length.

If you are a habitual swimmer, make sure you dive into the swimming pool with your swimming cap on. Also, ascertain that your swimming cap has no room for the water to penetrate – it should be tight and not lousy. Usually, swimming caps cover your hair completely and there’s nothing to worry about, but just to be extra-cautious, you need to check it before you plunge. Lastly, you should get balayage done from a reputed balayage salon Olney MD for them to last longer.

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