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Chimney Sweep: 3 Things To Do When Cleaning The Chimney By Yourself

You can clean the chimney by yourself or hire a chimney sweep to help you out. If you choose to clean the unit by yourself, you need to consider a number of things: Watch out for creosote Creosote is a black or dark brown tar that is deposited on the chimney walls as a result of lighting fire in the chimney. There are three types…

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What is chimney relining? How can it prevent fire?

Chimney relining contractor is necessary for chimney relining. Over the course of time, certain home maintenance and home improvement tasks need to be undertaken and relining is one of them. It hardly matters what type of liner you use, the relining will be needed at some point. To avoid potential dangerous situations at home and to keep the fireplace and chimney at working order, proper…

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