How to choose the right furnace?

So, are you about to choose a furnace for your house? You may be wondering what you should consider before choosing a furnace. If this is the first time you are buying a furnace, know that owning a furnace also comes with many responsibilities. For instance, you will have to get help from furnace services and get maintenance after every few months. If you are ready to take that responsibility, then you should think about buying furnaces.

Choosing the right furnace

But how to choose a furnace? For a new buyer, buying a furnace could be a complex and confusing process. However, worry not because we are going to break down this process for you. While we will not get into incredible detail, we will give you enough information to get started.

Of course, you can take further guidance from your furnace repair company. So, let us now discuss the things that you must consider. These include:

Two stage furnaces vs single stage furnaces

When you are shopping for new furnaces, it is important to remember the differences between the two stage units and single stage units. Essentially put, single stage units have the same temperature and heat whenever it is running. On the other hand, two stage units allow you to set two settings for the temperature during the output.

Furthermore, single stage units always run on their full capacity. This does not depend on the surroundings and the climate. But on the other hand, two stage units run at a very low capacity. If the low capacity is not required, then it will automatically shift to a high capacity.

So, you can either choose to stick with a single setting or go for two settings of heat in the case of the two-stage heat furnace.

According to most experts, heat furnaces tend to have more than 80% efficiency. However, in comparison, the two stage furnaces can have an efficiency up to 98.5 percent. Indeed, the higher this efficiency is, the lesser energy the furnace will be using.

Variable speed and fixed speed

The next part is the speed of the furnace. You shoulw consider whether you should buy a variable blower or a fixed blower. Both of these types make use of a fan with a motor. This fan blows out air that is heated through the ducts. And at the same time, the blower distributes this air.

As the name applies, the variable blower allows you to adjust the speed of the hot air. In comparison, the fixed blower does not offer any such thing.

Like in the case of the two stage burners, variable blowers also first run on the lowest setting by default. However, you can certainly increase the speed of this fan by setting the speed higher.

It is important to choose the variable speed blower in case you want a higher energy efficiency, improve the quality of the air, and receive less noise pollution when running the unit. As a result of this, variable blowers are more popular in comparison with the fixed speed heat furnaces.

Type of fuel

Lastly, the type of fuel being used by the heat furnace is also of considerable importance. You see, these furnaces can either use electricity or oil to run. All three types can heat up a home. You should choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with.


We hope that you have now understood the basics of buying heat furnaces. The above mentioned three things are what you should mainly consider with buying. Also, if you feel like your furnace might be troubling, reach out to furnace repair services Falls Church right away!

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