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Why You Don’t Need an Aggressive Divorce Attorney? Here’s the Reason

Already the procedure of divorce is confusing and complicated, now, if you appoint an aggressive divorce attorney, your life will be on stake. You will be surprised to know that many lawyers present them as ‘aggressive’ to create the impression among clients that he/she can eat up the opponent at the courtroom. But, the real scenario is quite different. Have a look why aggressive lawyers make things more difficult for you-

  1. Aggressive Is Not Equal to Smart– A smart lawyer will present new points to the court, bring his trump of cards to win the case. But, an aggressive lawyer will go round and round on the same discussions, boring arguments and repetitive dates which only drain your money at your lawyer’s fees.
  2. They Delay Settlements– Settling down before the trial is a much cheaper option for couples as the charge of attorneys for trial is quite high. Not only that, but there are also much additional costs, including additional hearings, cost of preparation, expense for post-trial motion, etc. Aggressive lawyers often try to avoid settlements before trial which cost you serious amount.
  3. They Are Not Realistic– You may going for separation and divorce, but for certain issues, like child’s custody, visitation, property and asset divisions, etc. Aggressive lawyers often get into the matter emotionally and push you so hard that working with your ex for some essential matters become difficult. That is not the thing good lawyers do.
  4. A Little Aggressiveness Is OK– Now, while looking for a divorce lawyer; you need one who knows the outcome of the case and how to arrange it effectively to give clients’ desired result. He/she must be aggressive to win the case. Yes, every lawyer wants to win every case, but, too much aggressive lawyers only drag the case by quoting the same baseless points, accusing the opposition on pointless grounds and make the judge irritated.

Aggressive Lawyer Can Hurt Your Case

When couples go to file divorce case, they already go through pain, heartbreak and resentment. And often these feelings overpower them so much that they go on thinking to punish the opponent. All these are out of rage and hatred. A lawyer’s job is to keep their clients realistic and frame the whole proceedings well so that the clients face painless and quick result. Aggressive divorce lawyers Fairfax County only make the courtroom a battlefield and ends of being completely unprofessional.

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