What is sleep paralysis? How to get rid of it

Sleep paralysis is a common sleep disorder that people come across when they sleep. Many people have experienced this phenomenon. A person get sleep paralyzed when he or she finds himself or herself unable to move, speak or respond to anything while they try to wake up. This condition can last for a quite few a minutes. Though sleep paralysis cannot cause you any harm, when you get paralyzed unexpectedly, you may get scared.

Is sleep paralysis harmful?

More than fifty percent people have faced sleep paralysis condition at least once or twice in their lifetime. Some people even dealt with this condition quite often and in some cases, the severity rises up to the level of hallucination! But the question- can sleep paralysis kill anyone? Answer is NO, it can’t.

Sleep paralysis is a short-term condition, which cannot cause you any sort harm. It will not kill you at any cost. But if you fear, the condition might get intense and you might need medical attention to come back to the normal stage.

How to get rid of sleep paralysis?

If you are experiencing this sleep disorder, you can easily get rid of it. The main reason why this condition occurs is due to incomplete sleep, and other reasons are:

  • When your body is immensely tired
  • When your body wants complete rest
  • When you go to sleep after an exhausting day
  • When you are somewhere in between sleepy drowsiness and consciousness
  • When you know you are dreaming, but your body cannot respond because of tiredness

The very first thing that you must do when you get sleep paralyzed is to keep clam. Do not get afraid. Just think that you are hallucinating, this is not real. Maintain your calmness and you will become normal soon.

Rather than fearing in such situation, you can try to divert your mind. Concentrate on other things like breathing. Control your breath and you will get your sensation back soon.

In case, you are not getting relief from sleep paralyzed even after trying above mentioned tips, you should consider visiting a sleep specialist. A sleep doctor can provide you the right solution.

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