Maintain clean and hygienic home or restaurant kitchen

The grease trap is the container under the sink and the primary role of this is to separate oil, grease and other solids that obstructs the flow of liquid to enter the sewer line. Ensure  the grease trap cleaning on a regular schedule to prevent bad odors, spill over into the sewer and other pump-outs. These are the main reasons why does grease trap need to be cleaned regularly. In addition to this, never use chemical solvents, hot water or emulsifying solutions to clean the grease trap.

Why does a grease trap need to be cleaned regularly?

Although, any type of business plays an integral role in the community as well as in the economy of our city so every business owner should meet with all the responsibilities to keep the establishment in accordance with the regulations.

Owning a restaurant filled with lot of important things and all of them must be addressed by every restaurant manager. Out of all these necessities, the owner should know as why does a grease trap need to be cleaned regularly? The frequency of cleaning the grease trap depends upon the how often ready food being cooked. These grease traps should be cleaned by professional plumbers who ensure to do the cleaning in the right way. Everyone should realize the importance of grease trap cleaning as not cleaning them properly and regularly leads to imposition of penalties by municipal councils. The grease which is released into the sewer system is monitored by the jurisdiction where the restaurant is located. If the level of grease exceeds the accepted level then it could be subjected to pay fines. Ultimately, it proves to be a costly affair if too much grease comes up in drains.

Grease trap cleaning

It’s better if grease trap are maintained and cleaned regularly. These grease taps helps to filter out the waste materials like fat and oil that comes out from home or restaurant kitchen. Grease traps are used for filtering out the materials like oils and fats from the kitchens. They do not allow waste to enter the waste water treatment system or the common sewage system. The periodic cleaning of the grease trap with the help of professional grease trap cleaners helps to prevent clogging of the drainage system. The clogging may lead to worsen the problem with overflowing of manholes, sewage spill, environmental issues and other health hazards like dangerous bacteria contamination.

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