Kitchen Countertops – Granite or Glass

Look for the best quality kitchen granite when it comes to remodeling of the house or simply the kitchen space. A perfectly designed kitchen space may well become the deal breaker when it comes to selling of a property. When remodeling a kitchen, focus should be given on installing the right type of countertops, appliances, cabinetry, and backsplash. These are substances that form the overall décor of the kitchen. When installing countertops, there are primarily two very common materials available – granite and glass. Take a closer look at these two materials to understand about their quality. Which one will best suit your home?

Granite is definitely the better option

For the last couple of decades, granite has been ruling the market. They are popular choice for kitchen countertops due to their immense robustness and durability. They are available in wide range of patterns and color shades. In fact, granite countertops are perfect blend of stylization and longevity. Being a natural element, Granite always produces a certain shiny effect. Also, no two granite stones will be equal in pattern or design. Those who prefer custom designing pattern will always opt for granite countertops. It is good for kitchen interior.

Increases the valuation of the house

Once you replace the present countertop with granite patterned countertops, the valuation of the property increases automatically. Many might think that granite worktops are extremely expensive to afford. But it’s not so. Granite countertops are extremely affordable, long lasting, and requires minimal or simply no maintenance. In fact, granite countertops retain their value. They have a good resell valuation. Granite is resistance to heat and scratches. No matter if you put a heated pan over the top or chop some vegetables, the countertop will never show any signs of wear and tear.

Glass countertops – another alternative

Yes, glass is surely another alternative. Glass countertops look amazing beautiful but they are difficult to maintain. Glass is resistant to stains. However, they cannot withstand strong heat or scratches. It is difficult to maintain glass countertops. Henceforth, it is always better to opt for granite countertops for kitchen and bathroom. You need to search for a reputed granite contractor Fairfax to get the installation part carried out. Discuss with the contractor regarding the granite color and pattern to install in the kitchen. Contrasting color options are always considered to be the best. Opting for brown, beige, or even grey color shades can be best for kitchen countertops to hide dirt and stains.

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