How to clean a grease trap?

The expense of grease trap cleaning is one that no one likes to pay. To save some money people try grease trap cleaning by themselves.To help you succeed in this mission here is a simple step by step grease trap cleaning guide.

Simple steps for cleaning grease traps

# Step 1: Using a pry bar, detach the lid of grease trap: Be sure that you perform this step slowly and as gently as possible. The gaskets of grease traps are usually situated below the lid. If the lid is not opened carefully it might break the gaskets.

# Step 2: Inspect the grease trap: After removing the lid, inspect all the parts of grease trap carefully to know the position of all the components. So that you can put the parts back to their original positions after cleaning the trap

# Step 3: Remove the extra standing water of the grease trap: Drain out all the standing water in the grease trap container. After removing the water, collect all the solid waste in the grease trap using a bucket.

# Step 4: Clean the grease trap: After removing all the solid wastes, fats and oil from the grease trap container. Clean the trap as well as its lid using soap and room temperature water.

# Step 5: Re-install the grease trap: Once all the parts of grease trap are installed properly back into their original place, check whether they are working properly or not. If the result is satisfactory, re-install the grease trap lid too.

Grease trap maintenance and cleaning

Regular grease trap cleaning is required for preventing blockages, health hazards and bad odor problems. For proper maintenance and cleaning of grease trap, it is highly recommended that you hire a drain cleaning service. The drain cleaning experts associated with such services know how to efficiently clean grease traps and prevent it from creating serious drain problems.

As an owner of food place you surely know how important it is to keep the grease trap clean. So, rather than trying the DIY grease trap cleaning methods you should contact drain cleaning experts. It will cost you a little money but it is the best option available you.

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