Be Cautious: You Might Suffer From Sleep Apnea!

Can you make sure that your loved one doesn’t need to see a sleep apnea doctor? If your loved one snores loudly and a lot during his night sleep, don’t turn your back on him as he potentially suffers from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea occurs during someone’s pause breathing while sleeping. Its frequency is varied, from 15 to 30 times per hour or even more than 30 times per hour. If it exceeds the limit, then you get to really suggest your husband or anyone you love to visit a sleep center or sleep apnea clinic for the best treatment.

There is no need to delay the treatment, as further outcomes will not surely be felt so good on you and your loved one. Here’s why.

  1. Heart Disease

One of the most serious consequences that may follow one’s sleep apnea diagnosis is heart attacks. Pause in breathing during sleep shows that there are disruptions in your body taking oxygen. That would hinder your brain to control blood flows in arteries and brain. Consequently, it could lead to heart failure.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Unfortunately, heart diseases are often associated with high blood pressure. High BP alone has been a terrible condition one can have, and it can even go worse if s/he suffers from sleep apnea too. The sleep disorder potentially initiate increased hormone system activity which brings your BP to go terribly higher.

Fortunately, there are always ways for those who want to try, not exceptionally people with sleep apnea. Yet, you should not go further to specific treatments without seeing a doctor. If I were you, once I am aware of the sleep disorder I potentially have, I would immediately go to a sleep clinic near me and get help.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

This one device can be used to normalize the rhythm of your breathing during sleep. It is a form of a mask which has to be worn while you are sleeping. It works by keeping the air pressure in your breathing passages from closing down. By wearing this device, one’s blood pressure can be stabilized and you can see the results pretty quickly and significantly.

Good Lifestyle

The best treatment you must do to prevent or even cure sleep apnea is undoubtedly having a good lifestyle. It urges you to get regular physical activity, limit alcohol consumption, avoid caffeine intake and arrange pre-bedtime routine which can help you reach better sleep.

Sleep study centers have proven that sleep apnea must be everybody’s concern today, even after seeing all those possible consequences.


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