Bathroom drain cleaning solutions

If you are noticing water pooling in your sink, shower, or tub, you may be in need of bathroom drain cleaning services. Before you call the experts, anyway, try a few general techniques that may solve your issue.

Hot water

Simply running hot water down the affected pipe may perform the trick. The temperature and pressure can cause clogs to dislodge, as well as clean out built-up materials like hair, soaps, shampoos, or food particles. Run the water for approximately 15 minutes. Sometimes, this easy technique is all you need to get your system running perfectly again.


You don’t need necessarily need specific drain cleaning instruments to take care of clogs. A bathroom sink plunger or bathroom plunger can often loosen them. Ensure you cover the full opening with the plunger and apply steady, back-and-forth force continuously for about 2 minutes. If you are having issue getting a seal over the opening, use petroleum jelly to the plunger rim.

Homemade remedies

If warm water alone or plunger don’t get rid of the blockage, you may want to try a liquid solution. Commercial chemical may be bad and even cause damage with continued use. A general mixture use baking soda and vinegar. These materials, when gathered, react to break up materials within pipes, without destroying the surrounding walls. Any of these techniques may need to be repeated for tough clogs, and are also supportive to maintain clean drains. Some of the methods include:

One technique calls for pouring a cup of baking soda down the pipe, with 1.2 cup of vinegar. Cover the pipe and lit sit for approximately thirty minutes. Next, run warm water through to delete the clogs.

Another technique is to pour one cup of baking soda, followed by 2 cups of hot water. Wait a few minutes, and then pour one more cup baking soda down the drain. Next, pour one cup of vinegar white and plug and pipe. Once the bubbles subside, include another cup of boiling water.

Another solution is to use sugary sodas or soft drinks. They have phosphoric acid, which is a dissolving agent that destroyed clogged debris, sometimes as well as the baking soda and vinegar solution.

If these remedies don’t job, it is wise to call a toilet drain cleaning nyc professional. They are usually fast diagnosing issue, and provide you the options for address the quick need, as well as preventing future issues.

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