Are you a sleep disorder patient?

Do you find it hard to catch sleep at night and waking up early in morning? The restless leg makes you feel tired all day long? Not a single of sleep disorder medicines is helping you in having a goodnight sleep. If so, then it’s high time for you to find a sleep specialist doctor.

Types of sleep disorder

Apart from insomnia there are a number of other sleep disorders which can be the reason behind your sleepless nights. Sleep disorder include a range of problems. A few of them are listed below:

#1: Sleep Apnea: Loud snoring frequently is a major sign of sleep apnea. Other major symptoms of sleep apnea are:

(i) Day time sleepiness

(ii) While asleep gasping for breath

(iii) Waking up between the sleep

(iv) Having Headache in morning

#2: Narcolepsy: Another sleep disorder which encourages excessive day time sleep is narcolepsy. The cause behind narcolepsy is unknown but narcolepsy treatment can provide the sufferer some relief. Signs and symptoms of narcolepsy include:

(i) Constant craving for daytime nap

(ii) Hallucination

(iii) Cataplexy (muscle weakness accompanied by full consciousness)

#3: Insomnia: Insomnia is one very common sleep disorder. A lot of people suffer from insomnia all around the globe. The major symptoms of insomnia are difficulty in falling asleep and finding it hard to sleep. Other symptoms of insomnia are:

(i) Waking up in the night

(ii) Feeling exhausted during the daytime

(iii) Frequent headaches

(iv) Insomnia can also trigger Mood swings, depression and anxiety

#4: Restless leg syndrome: Discomfort in leg and arms during the sleep which can only be relieved by moving.

Treating your sleep disorder

Treating sleep disorder is not a hard thing. If you think you are suffering from any sort of sleep disorder, then you should pay a visit to a sleep specialist doctor. There happen to be a number of sleep services clinics. Where you can find experienced sleep disorder doctor, who will diagnosis your condition and provide you with proper treatment needed to treat your sleeping disorder.

So, find a sleep disorder treatment clinic around you and soon enjoy happy hours of sleep!

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