All the bad reasons for renovation

You will come across countless great reasons on the internet to renovate your house. If those reasons are actually your priority, you should definitely be working on renovating it. In that case, feel free to get in touch with an architects builder. However, there are also countless bad reasons to be renovating your house.

If these are the reasons you have in your mind in order to renovate your house, do not even think about it, especially if it is a big project. You might end up with a badly renovated house.

The not so good reasons for renovation

Here are all the bad reasons why you should not renovate your house.

You want to keep up with the latest trends

This is one of the worst reasons you can renovate your house for. Everyone wants a trendy looking space in their house, but not if it is going to be changed within a few years. Keeping up with the trend is fine. What is not good is that you are willing to renovate your entire house for one trend that will eventually change.

Invest in more long-lasting projects that will serve a purpose too. You can keep up with the trends through furnishings etc. that can be easily changed. Save the remodeling for other purposes. Long term investment should be your only priority when it comes to renovations. Or else you will get tired of the trend after a year or two and might not have the budget to renovate your house again. Neither is it practical to do so every time the trend changes. To save yourself from the pain of living with a trend that will be outdated in a couple of years, remove this reason from your list.

You are low on your finances

Renovations cost a lot! And not only the contractor’s average estimation will cost a lol, but you will also end up with certain money draining surprises. Renovating your house when you are low on finances should be the last thing on your mind.

In case you make use of expensive materials such as Granite, your overall costs can greatly skyrocket! Even if you have enough money to fill up the estimated cost, you should have extra savings for whatever surprises may be thrown at you.

Renovations always exceed the original estimate and ends up draining your money. You should be sure about your finances before you get started with any renovation projects. Once it is started, you will have to either finish it or live in an incomplete house. None of those reasons will make you feel the excitement you should be feeling about your newly renovated house if you are low on finances.

You want a fancier house than everyone else

While you may want your house to look the fanciest in the neighborhood, it is not always such a good idea. If you ever plan on selling your house in the future, you will have a hard time finding a buyer. People do not tend to buy houses that cost more than the neighborhood average.

While you can increase your house’s value smartly, such as increasing square footage etc., completely over renovating is not the best idea. To save yourself from any such trouble, try adding a special feature to increase your house’s value instead of renovating it completely.


Everyone wants a fancy, trendy house that is not only visually pleasing but also comfortable. However, renovating your house completely to achieve that is a really bad idea. It is also not practical in the long run. Instead of, choose to invest smartly in projects that will actually benefit you in the long run.

Save up and add a special feature to your house. Keep up with the trend using new furnishings. Increase your house’s square footage to increase its value. If you really want to renovate, make sure that you are getting affordable home additions DC only that provide more value!

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