What are the treatment methods of cosmetic dentist?

Some people consider beauty as skin deep only, while there is some others who consider it as a valuable investment.  The beauty of smile can be enhanced with the help of the tools in cosmetic dentistry like Invisalign, teeth cleaning, teeth straightening etc.

Cosmetic dentists are a special group of dentists who are far above the regular dentists. Just like ordinary dentists they are also familiar with dentures, dental bridges and implants. But they are far better because they practice specialized procedures like teeth straightening, restorative dentistry, cosmetic teeth bleaching, teeth straightening, applying veneers, bonding processes etc. Patients consult cosmetic dentists to add attractiveness to their smile and make their teeth glittering with brightness. In this article I am going to explain some of the important and common procedures followed in cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth whitening also know as teeth cleaning is the most common and popular of all cosmetic dental procedures. Due to old age poor oral hygiene and improper eating habits, smoking etc your teeth becomes discolored or stained. Dentists clean the plaque, tartar, etc and each tooth is cleaned from the root using special chemical substances. At times teeth are bleached to get a lighter shade. These procedures are done in the office of the dental surgeon or at his house.

Tooth fillings

Damages caused to teeth by decay   are prevented by filling the cavity with tooth fillings. In this procedure the dentist removes the decayed tooth portions and cleans the affected area well before filling the cavity. Filling helps further decay as the spaces where bacteria can enter are reduced by this method.  Gold, porcelain, tooth colored composite materials, amalgams etc are generally used for filling. The material suitable for a particular patient will be decided by your surgeon considering various aspects like the extent of the repair to be carried out, whether patient have any allergies to some metals, the cost of the material etc.

Dental veneers

Medical grade ceramic or porcelain or metal is used for making dental veneers. They resemble one’s natural teeth and these are used to solve numerous cosmetic problems like crooked teeth, damaged or cracked teeth, teeth with gap in between etc. Special type of dental adhesive is used by the dentist for permanently fixing the veneers.

Teeth straightening

Self confidence of a person increases tremendously as his smile becomes more attractive. The slight increase in the attractiveness impacts the quality of life also. It is very easy in some cases, at least, to improve the attractiveness of the smile by teeth straightening. At most basic level metal braces are used to straighten the teeth.  Invsalign is the newer method in this field. These trays will slowly shift the patient’s teeth in the direction desired by the orthodontist. These aligner trays are plastic and they fit well around your teeth. After about two weeks the present trays are discarded and new trays are fixed. This step is repeated until the required alignment is obtained.


Crowns are placed on the head of the implant and it provides it a tooth-like look. Porcelain or dental veneers Falls Church matching to the color of your teeth can be easily manufactured. Others materials like gold, metal alloys acrylic etc are also available.

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