What are the Common Charges Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You With?

Domestic violence cases happen to be the most common legal offenses, which are handled by criminal defense attorney. Lawyers need to have enough knowledge of laws on domestic violence to be successful in their practice. However, it is essential for average people to have a proper understanding of the kind of charges that attorneys can help them with.

Child Abuse / Endangerment

These cases include any form of violence against children, or having a kid in the same spot where violence against some other kid could lead to charges of domestic violence. Abuse of a kid or having a kid endangered by keeping him or her in close proximity to another child who is being constantly abused can lead to domestic violence charges being slapped.

Elder Abuse

This can involve neglect or causing financial fraud or emotional or physical abuse to an individual who is more than 65 years of age. This type of abuse can also be regarded as domestic violence, and cases of abuse against elders are dealt with seriously.

Criminal Threats

Although a threat of physical violence does not mean actual violence, it is legally wrong to threaten even an intimate person with injury or severe harm to instill fear in him or her. These are some the most common types of cases that come through the office of experienced attorneys, and are handled by them almost on a daily basis.


These are the cases where an injury that occurs due to violence is not acute enough to demand a felony charge, but a misdemeanor only. It is important to remember what really defines domestic violence. It is not simply a threat or act of violence between individuals in a physically or mentally intimate relationship. This kind of violence could also be punishment, control, intimidation or coercion. It is not necessary for the people concerned to be married to each other to be under the scope of coercion. However, they need to prove to the District Attorney that they are in an intimate relationship.

Corporal Injury to a Cohabitant or Spouse

It indicates that there has been an actual occurrence of physical violence, and victims can show the same through physical evidences such as swelling or bruises. The act of violence, based on the acuteness of the injuries, could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. A First Degree assault attorney rockville md could be involved in most cases of this type.

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