What are the basic questions you need to ask from a domestic violence attorney?

The pattern of abuse by one person or another with whom the abuser lives is to be broken with the domestic violence attorney. Both physical and mental torture can be inflicted on the person. Stalking, physical threats and harassment can be dangerous and should be brought to the legal notice immediately. This can happen in marital relations and almost all kinds of relationships.

The body of the harmed becomes traumatized and there is a lot of emotional distress which is involved in it. The attorney can help you gain protection from the one harassing you. When you hire the attorney, you need to understand the way the lawyer may help. Ask out a series of questions to dig out on important things.

The scope of the domestic violence representation

When you visit the Bethesda domestic violence lawyer, it is crucial to ask the scope of representation, the outcome of representation. Many things have to be done by the lawyer to ensure that the client is protected.

The lawyer can offer a perfect representation in the court and request the restraining order and carry out legal proceedings that follow. The lawyer can help the sufferer in getting a divorce; get the property and even the custody of children. He will make sure that the abuser is prosecuted in the suit and in securing the income, food and housing assistance in domestic violence cases.

The cost of representation

Most of the experienced lawyers will charge very high rates. To avoid surprises, it is best to ask the lawyer about the charges much in advance. Costs are associated also with the filing of documents and attaining evidences to use in the court. You need to prefer the lawyer who charges on a contingency basis. Some lawyers even provide the pro bono services or free of cost services at the initial stage.

Is the domestic violence case your primary area of practice?

Try and avoid the lawyer who handles almost all kinds of cases. The case of every victim is unique. Special laws are applicable for the domestic violence. A lawyer who handles the medical malpractice or the automobile injury cases will not be able to handle the cases relating to family issues. Seek a legal practitioner who specializes in handling domestic abuse cases.

The Bethesda domestic violence lawyer must be chosen after a much careful thought. Confidentiality is an important issue in the domestic violence. Tell the lawyer all relevant details of the case and seek best representation.

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