Practice healthy recipes for weight loss

While the best diet plans are often based on a frugal lifestyle of eating diverse vegetables and fruits and consuming plenty of water, a little sugar, fats and oils, the Mediterranean and Paleo diets do show the way to a good life. An active life with adequate physical exercise rather than sedentary television watching goes a long way to ensure a balanced physiology. Being occupied with things to do that you enjoy will be also helpful.

The Mediterranean Diet

A BMI in excess of 25 indicates that you have to shed 10 pounds or more, otherwise the evil impact of obesity would be catching up. Asthma, COPD and type 2 diabetes would be helped by such a diet. Heart disease, dementia and cancer are also at lower risk.

Considering the cuisine of Greece and Italy, such a diet stresses whole foods while restricting processed foods. Fresh fruit should be taken daily and milk products like cheese and yogurt may be consumed in restricted quantities. Not more than four eggs may be consumed in a week. Red meat may be eaten in small quantities, as side dishes rather than the main course. Fish and poultry likewise should be moderated. Local seasonal food would be eaten with little processing. Olive oil may be the cooking medium. Wine may be consumed moderately along with food. Plant foods are stressed like nuts, beans and potatoes. Bread and other grain products along with seeds may be consumed.

The Paleo diet

Perhaps the best diet, such a nourishment plan tallies with what our ancient ancestors ate in their wild condition! Eating simple food would lead to less food being eaten. The healthy meal would include protein like meat, vegetables without starch and carbohydrates like root vegetables. Avoid flavoring and extra ingredients. Do not deprive yourself and eat enough nutrients. Metabolism must be maintained and starvation needs to be avoided. Do not under eat. Since this diet is satisfying, you can afford to eat less.

Individuals differ and some people can manage on a low carb diet. It is normal that weight loss candidates would also exercise regularly. Matching exercise and diet can be very effective but avoid fatigue. Remaining active throughout the day is recommended in order to achieve optimum health and escape serious disease. Sleep well and avoid stress. Pursue meditation and yoga techniques to keep a balanced head and visit weight loss doctor va. Seek social support among the family and friends circle.

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