Corporate Tent Rentals – Tips To Make The Most Out Of Investment

When opting for corporate tent rentals, you must be careful about the quality and robustness of the item. Remember, you can control many things but not the weather. If you opt for a highly delicate tent for the outdoor event, there would be great risk associated in case the weather starts playing its tricks.

When to rent the tent

It is necessary to look at the type of exterior location where the party or event is going to be organized. The climatic condition and weather forecasting part should never be overlooked at all. Always look for venues with additional indoor options in case weather calamities strikes back. Tents could be an expensive affair. So, if there is even 1 percent chance of disturbing weather, you need to take the necessary precautionary measures while preparing for the event.

Figuring out the size of the tent

Plan early and act in a properly organized manner. Although you might not have the exact number of invitees for the event, still there should be an approximate idea about the number. Accordingly, you could be able to judge the type of tent rental you would be opting for. Also, it is necessary to determine the party style (cocktail, buffet, sit-down, punch-pie, etc.). This would help in figuring out the best tent variant for the purpose. Get a rough estimate in order to plan the financial part. In most common scenarios, it would be always better to opt for a square shaped tent. This kind of a tent would have taller ceiling in comparison to the other variants. This would not only make the tent look better but also would make the interior airy, spacious, and cooler.

Determining on the right kind of tent

There are practically lots of variants available. However, of all the available ones, Frame and pole tents are considered to be most popular. There are basically 3 major considerations to take into account while trying to pick the type of tent you want to rent. These are:

  • Budget
  • Space Logistics
  • Aesthetics

Pros and Cons of Frame Tents


  • They are easy to get erected on any surface type
  • They can be easily attached together
  • There are more options in terms of configuration and shape
  • They don’t feature any type of center poles that may create obstruction


  • Quite expensive in terms of pricing
  • Frame remain visible
  • Setup time is longer

Pros and Cons of Frame Tents


  • They come with sweeping roof
  • Less Expensive
  • Does not require liner
  • Set up time is shorter


  • Need ground stalking
  • Center poles cause obstruction
  • Requires clearance from all the sides

Always opt for reliable and experienced tent rental services dc to make the most of the investment and peace of mind.

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