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Talking about the DNC for the 2016 Presidential Polls

The 2016 democratic presidential polls are right around the corner, as the heat to select the right democrat for the next Presidential selection election is ebbing up. The DNC will get together next year in the month of July to select their next Presidential Candidate for the upcoming 2016 U.S elections. The other side, Republicans, are also gathering pace in selecting their Candidate to lock…

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Keep an eye on 2016 presidential election polls by state

The Presidential Polls are on in the USA and the latest information on 2016 presidential election polls by state are available on the net. This includes Jeb Bush from Midland, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and 17 other competitors from different states. Hillary Clinton is also a strong contender, and many expect her to win the campaign for the Democratic Party. On the other hand, Jeb…

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Battle for Senate Control comes down to Six States

Republican challenger Ernst leads in latest polls in Iowa which is one of the six competitive states as per the senate election interactive map. The contours of the midterms begin to focus as just one month left for Election Day. The polls represent the results and leave less time for trailing challengers for their comeback. After the year 2004, each and every senate candidate with…

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