3 Factors to Consider Before Buying Interior Shutters

Window treatments can provide any room with style, and boost the resale value of the home. Although window shutters are overlooked by many people, these options have lasted for many years and survived many changes in interior trends. These can directly attach to the windows and let you control the way light is obstructed. It can be tough to choose the best type, given that these shutters can be found in numerous materials and styles. Find out about the top 3 factors that you should consider before buying these shutters.


You can find these shutters in varied materials. Most of the installers and manufacturers tend to work with wood composite or wood. Composite products tend to be a fiberboard of medium-density, and are polypropylene covered. The design happens to be as long lasting as actual lumber, although these lack the classical, traditional appearance. Those who want to get a classical appearance need to go for solid wood.


Where style is concerned, you can find internal shutters primarily in 3 types – plantation, west coast plantation and cottage. The panels in shutters with west coast plantation design are larger than that of traditional plantation style ones. These are famous in California and can work amazingly well with bigger windows. The design is meant for windows around 5 – 6 feet tall, as compared to standard windows that are 3 feet in height.

Along the eastern coast, the Cottage style happens to be the most popular. These shutters look more like the exterior shutters that are mounted within homes, take up more space and make a bolder design statement as compared to other models. These also comprise of small louvers. Unlike the exterior shutters that they look like, these comprise of hinges, which let you close and open them, as you want.

The plantation styled shutters are recessed within the window frame, and arrive with wide louvers that you can close or open in order to obstruct or admit light. Plantation styled shutters are the commonest.


You will also of course need to consider the expense prior to buying a shutter. While real wood ones look the best, these are also the costliest. For every square foot, you have to pay about 25 – 30 USD. In case you want to opt for a composite one, you can save around 20 – 30% on that cost. Exotic indoor wood shutters chevy chase, such as those of bamboo, will cost about 30 – 60 USD per square foot.

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